Fb. Ig. Pin. Tw.

Ummm, what does “Shoot and Burn” even mean?

So, here’s the thing…

Photographers are a funny bunch. We carry around huge egos and we love to make sure that other photographers know how they “should” be doing things. We like to think that we are pretty cool, being arty farty creative types and all, and quite often this leads to us thinking that others are “not so cool”.

Cue a not so  nice level of pretentiousness not long after the inception of digital photography.  And with it, came the term “Shoot and Burn”. Many of “us” decided that our clients should be required to purchase only printed products from us, just as they did back in the “good ole days” of film photography. Those who offered digital files were considered to be “cowboys” and “cheap and nasty”.

But why, you ask? Simply put, it was because they “had no pride in their work” as they would “shoot” and “burn” their images to CD and pass them onto clients, in a way that was considered to be unfinished and unpolished by those “in the know”.

Shoot and Burn, as you see it here, came about as what we refer to in the photography industry as a “happy accident”.

One night, a bunch of the “old boys (and girls!)” of photography, were participating in the frequently rehashed practice of whinging in a Facebook group about how “Shoot and burners are ruining the industry”.  Gasp!  How dare they do such a thing!

Never one to miss an opportunity to “play”, I joined in to add to the conversation that I had just registered a business called “Shoot and Burn” and I would be getting my car signage done very soon.

I posted THIS “She Shoots, She Burns” “sticker” saying that I was going to get it printed and plastered along the side of my car.  I sat back feeling triumphant at my obvious clever wit.


Not content with the underwhelming and less than dramatic response I had received, I went on over to Crazy Domains and registered the domain “Shootandburn.com.au” and posted a screenshot on the page.

All manner of hi jinks ensued and I ran with it.  Before I  knew it, I had developed a unique business idea with a wonderful potential to bring great photography to the community, and at a price everybody can afford.

So yep, we shoot and we “burn”. Well, not really “burn” as these days we offer digital downloads rather than CDs, but the concept is the same.

There’s a big difference though!  Because, unlike the “cowboys” referred to in the Facebook groups, we have experience up our sleeves, over 18 years of it in fact.

We are confident in our abilities to read light, connect with your family quickly and produce a collection of intimate, candid images that your family will cherish. As such, we have adopted an approach where there is no Photoshop involved.

It’s just like the good ole days of film – no gimmicks, no photoshop, just good honest photography and beautiful memories captured.

And a bonus of this is that without all of that laborious retouching involved, Shoot and Burn clients receive their images within 24 hours!

Tanya Love - Shoot and Burn